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Caregiver Update!

It’s been an extremely long 11 month ordeal and the transition home has not been without incident.  However, we were able to get my sister home on Wednesday evening with her vent and my brother in law and their best friend are doing a fabulous job! For this reason our posts have been lagging, but we will resume our work on Monday! We have been enjoying and learning from all of your posts please keep them coming!

Stay tuned for our story regarding the WORST DISCHARGE EVER! is NOT A CHARITABLE Organization asking for Donations!

It has been brought to our attention that there are individuals using the term “Caring hands and hearts” in relation to their efforts to raise funds for their particular “Charities and personal needs”.  We support reputable charitable organizations through our website and blog publishing, but that is the extent of our association with these organizations.  Our main objective is to lend our expertise free of charge to Caregiver’s, Senior Citizens and those that are Physically Challenged.  We own the following domains:,, and if you are looking to reach caringhandsandhearts submit inquiries through our “CONTACT US” page or by calling us toll free at: 630-639-6641 you may also email us at:!

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can in order to secure the appropriate solutions for you and your loved ones!

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